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Blogiversary Giveaway 1: Beautycounter + My Top 3 Favourite Products Right Now

Blogiversary Giveaway 1: Beautycounter + My Top 3 Favourite Products Right Now

*Giveaway closed - Bonus offers below!*

Can you believe A Lush Life is 1 YEAR OLD?

I can still remember the day and night before the site and my first blog post went live on Jan. 13, 2017. I was nervous wreck, barely slept and was SO excited to start sharing my recipes and skin care/beauty reviews with you. Only nine months in and I made a big change to the blog — I started talking about my chronic illnesses. I had no idea what the response would be, but I knew it would make the blog more authentic. And, let me say, I am BLOWN AWAY by the love, support and encouragement you have shown me. I couldn't ask for a better community that is growing by the day! 

October 1 also saw me make a big change personally — I became a Beautycounter consultant! I was sick and tired of treating my chronic illnesses from the inside and not looking at what I was putting on my body from the outside. Green smoothies will only get you half the way if you're still using harmful ingredients that could potentially affect your hormones, endocrine system and more. With chronic illness the causes can be unknown so I knew if I took one more "What if?" out of the equation, I would be leading a healthier life. 

This all lead me to Beautycounter (A company I had been eyeing for years):

- They've banned 1500+ harmful ingredients from their products (aka The Never List™)

- They have an advanced ingredient screening process which includes seeing how ingredients work together in products and not just on their own, ensuring no toxic combinations form

- Their products are high-performing, effective, innovative and WORK!

- And, while you're getting glowing skin and all dolled up with their fabulous make-up, you're also becoming a part of the #betterbeauty movement. You are voting with your $ for stricter laws in the cosmetics industry and helping to educate others

Ok, ok, I bet you're wondering what I'm giving away...

TWO lucky winners are going to receive either:

- a $25 gift certificate to use by Jan. 31, 2018

- OR a Band of Beauty Membership (value $29 USD/CAD) with your first order being placed by Jan. 31, 2018

Which would I chose? The Band of Beauty (BOB) membership!

With your first purchase of $50 USD/$70 CAD, you'll receive a FREE Nourishing Cream Cleanser and these benefits continue for a year:
- 15% product credit on every order (Yup, you'll have money to use on your next purchase right away!)
- Free shipping on orders over $100USD/$125CAD
- Special offers exclusive to members

How to enter:


Nitty Gritty: Open to Canadian and U.S. Residents. Contest closes January 21, 2018 at 11:59pm MST. Winners will be notified by DM or email on January 22, 2018.

But, that's not all! ALL new customer orders this month will receive $10 off for me! 

Just email your order number to and I'll e-transfer or PayPal your refund!

So, what are my top three favourite products right now?

1) Rejuvenating Toner Pads - These have made my pores smaller and reduced my milia! I've also been using them on my bacne. 

2) The Countermatch Collection - I'm in love with the Countermatch Adaptive Lotion and adore how the serum and sleeping cream have TWO forms of hyaluronic acid (Great for boosting hydration) and the eye cream is divine. All skin care regimens are on sale right now - Get the Countermatch Collection for $50 off CAD!

3) No. 3 Balancing Charcoal Mask - This mask works WONDERS on pulling out blackheads and halting zits in their tracks. I love seeing the instant results this mask provides. 

Blogiversary Giveaway 2: LocalBoom

Blogiversary Giveaway 2: LocalBoom

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