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Dinner Date with Dad: Sabor YEG

Dinner Date with Dad: Sabor YEG

Thank you to BONAFIDE Media & PR for hosting my Dad and I at Sabor by providing us with a lovely meal and experience.

My mom always used to say, “Moms are for maintenance and dads are for fun.”

As a kid this was true. Mom made sure my brother and I were clothed, watered and fed while dad was the one who we roughhoused with and who introduced us to the endless hilarity that is Mr. Bean. Of course, we had fun with mom too but those evenings and weekends when dad was home from work had a goofy, carefree feel that I now deeply cherish.

If I wanted to get away with something that probably wasn’t kosher with my mom (Let’s be real — I was a bookworm. “Not kosher” meant meeting my friend for a bike ride after dinner without parental supervision), I would ask my dad and hope that he might think I was only asking because mom let me do so in the past. Ha! Gotcha dad! I usually asked him first if I knew my mom would say no. But once I had that “yes” from dad, mom couldn’t really take it away! Oh to be young again…

Now the tables have turned. My mom has gone back to work and my dad has retired. He’s now the one paying bills, buying groceries and cleaning house. Man oh man does he ever have some stellar Swiffer duster skills — he wields TWO dusters at once! Way to crush it, dad!

My dad’s retirement date coincidently matched with my need to take time off from work to look after my chronic migraines. There have been many weeks and months where he’s had to be my dad, caregiver and friend. He’s driven me to appointments, picked up my prescriptions, helped me navigate medical insurance, made me breakfast, lunch and dinner, and at the same time, made me laugh and feel incredibly loved. He is truly one of a kind and yes I am crying happy tears as I write this!

On our last trip to Edmonton to see my neurologist, I was lucky enough to be able to take my dad to Sabor for dinner as a big THANK YOU for everything he’s done for me. I don’t think he quite knew what he was in for. After we were welcomed with a glass of prosecco and told we were being treated to the family-style menu, he quipped that he felt like he was being wined and dined like Donald Trump. By the end of meal, he was trying to take my job and proclaiming he was going to be the next Anthony Bourdain. Dad… just a suggestion… you might be watching a little too much CNN ;-)


Sabor has been a mainstay on Edmonton’s restaurant scene for the nine years. Its Portuguese and Spanish dishes consistently rank as some of the best food in the city, and frankly, if a restaurant has been around for the better part of a decade, it must be doing something right.  

Our meal started off with four perfectly cooked scallops (Sabor — you won big points with my Maritime-born dad with this course) atop a cucumber salad where the acidity of the dressing balanced nicely with the buttery seafood. We then moved on to the restaurant’s signature piri piri prawns, which talked a big talk but were underwhelming compared to the scallops.

Justttt as we were feeling slightly worried about the main course, it wowed us to the point that I’m salivating about it right now. The platter of Chilean sea bass, sablefish and lobster risotto was as pleasing to the eye as it was to our taste buds. Who knew that eating sablefish with the skin on could take this delightful fish to a new level? Well, obviously the geniuses at Sabor did!

After hunting through the risotto for the last few lobster pieces (a tip from our waiter after we exclaimed how full we were!) we took a short break to finish our wine pairing and peruse the dessert menu. Luckily, our family-style dinner finished with a trio of sweet things so we didn’t have to make any nail-biting decisions. I loved the Portuguese cream custard (Think crème brulee with a heavenly cinnamon and vanilla sauce at the base), swooned at the whipped cheesecake with port cherries and have already attempted at making my own version of the chocolate cayenne mousse at home.  

Looking back, it was an evening to remember as a special date with my dad filled with delightful food, drink and stellar hospitality. It gave us some much-needed respite from our stresses and will always hold a special place in my heart right next to the wonderful guy I got to experience it with. We’re already planning a return trip to try Sabor’s casual street-level tapas bar, Bodega. Don’t worry dad, this one is on me!

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