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How to get your best brows: My brow makeover at Butter Beauty Parlour

How to get your best brows: My brow makeover at Butter Beauty Parlour

Good brows. Good mood. Good day.

Ladies, you know what I mean. If you wake-up with your brows already on point, you’re good-to-go. Why?

  • Brows highlight one of your most amazing features — your eyes. They tell a story, so let your brows be the introduction
  • They’re a reflection of your personal style
  • A strong brow can carry you through the day looking and feeling your best

Even though I’ve worked in the spa industry, I’m no exception to the rule of brow mishaps. I’ve received uneven waxes, too thin brows and tints that in no way matched my hair colour. And, that doesn’t even compare to 13-year-old me trimming my own brows, cutting a big chunk off and having to head to the drugstore in a toque, in AUGUST, to grab a brow pencil to fill in my big OOPS. I can still see the line where the hairs aren’t as long as the rest 15 years later…

Along the way I’ve learned that seeing a brow specialist to wax and pluck my eyebrow shape to perfection is the best way to ensure I feel confident about my brows. Lately, I’ve been going to see the lovely Ashley M. at Calgary’s Butter Beauty Parlour — Bankers Hall to give my brows a boost.

When I first met Ashley, I loved the way she consulted with me about my brows. We talked shape, fullness, arch, tint, celebrity brows we love, and how I like my brows to feel and look. She took the time to consider my lifestyle (With migraines, I need low maintenance) and heard my concerns (That line in my brow still needs a bit of concealing!). After that, she set to work trimming, tinting, waxing, plucking and then filling in my brows with expert precision. She didn’t work from just one angle, but moved around my head making sure everything aligned from start to end. Her natural talent, combined with the skills she’s learned left me with brows I ADORE and have barely had to touch.

The results? Before on the left, after on the right.

Once we were done, I asked Ashley a few questions about becoming a brow specialist and the do’s and don’ts of keeping your brows in tip-top shape. PS – She also does lashes!

1) What makes a brow specialist?

Ashley: I believe a brow specialist is not just someone who waxes and tweezes your eyebrows for you, but someone who has a passion for helping others feel beautiful and uses their skills to enhance a person's features. A good brow specialist will take into account facial structure, your coloring and your own personal style when doing your brows.

2) Why did you decide to become a brow and lash specialist?

A: I decided to enter this career path when I was at a crossroads and unsure about what to do next. I previously worked in corporate oil & gas downtown and was part of the lay offs at an oil company when the recession started in 2008. I had a few months where I wasn't sure what I was going to do but I knew cubicle world wasn't for me. I knew that I have always loved aesthetics and I was always good at those types of things, so I finally thought, “There must be something to be said for doing what you like and what you're good at”. From there, I decided I wanted to focus on brows and lashes and helping other people feel beautiful, so I made some moves and created the profession I wanted for myself.


3) What are the major brow no-no's you see most often?

A: Just don't do your own brows, LOL. I always say to clients, "You wouldn't cut your own hair, so why do your own brows?" Trying to shape and trim your brows on your own is very tricky because you can only really look at one at a time while doing them. I can see both at the same time and have a much better vantage point. Just leave them alone and come for regular appointments :)

4) What makes a great brow?

A: I believe a great brow is something that balances and compliments your face. It creates structure and pop all at the same time. A great brow is also one that suits you and your personal look.


5) I want a brow makeover. What will you do?

A: When clients come to see me, I always spend the first few moments talking to them about what they want, what their likes and dislikes are about their brows. I like to get a feel for what your hopes are. After all, they are your brows. I give my professional opinion and suggestions and we go from there. There is the option to tint your brows to enhance them and help them look fuller. Then I will shape your brows by waxing, tweezing and trimming, and finally I can fill in your brows with brow product to perfect them and show you how to as well.  There may be times where we want to continue to see some growth on the brow, which can take time, but we'll discuss that and work on the shape together.

6) How can I keep my brows in tip-top shape between appointments?

A: Best thing to do between appointments is just leave your brows alone :) I totally understand when a completely rogue hair grows in and you've got to tweeze it because that is never cute, but other than those, better to just not touch, and come back for your next scheduled appointment.

Ready for your brow makeover? Head over to my Instagram to enter to win a brow makeover and a Kelley Baker Brows highlighter and smudge brush! Or head over to Butter Beauty Parlour’s website to book in with Ashley <3

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