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Shop Local, Support Local: Full Circle Shopping with LocalBoom (And a contest!)

Shop Local, Support Local: Full Circle Shopping with LocalBoom (And a contest!)

(I gotta let you know LocalBoom kindly sent me some products to try. Read my full disclosure policy here. )

Shopping locally feels good.

You’re supporting your community, your friends and helping make a difference in someone’s life.

But what if you could make an even bigger difference?

That’s where Steven Kieboom had a lightbulb moment and began work on his full-circle, sustainable local shopping website, LocalBoom.

Since November 2016, Kieboom has been interviewing and partnering with local, Canadian companies with thoughtful, inspiring stories (that often already give back) to make it easier for everyone to support local and help the community.

“Most people want to help out in their community but struggle to bring it to fruition or to find something they can do that is passionate for them,” says Kieboom.

Kieboom realized there has to be a better way for people to help other people.

And so, LocalBoom, full-circle, sustainable shopping website launched in August. When you buy online through LocalBoom, you not only support the local entrepreneur, but the community as well. A portion of each sale will be donated back into the community, whether that’s through buying bus passes for local seniors, donating a bar of soap for every soap that’s purchased to a homeless shelter or a bag of dog food to an animal rescue foundation. Moving forward, LocalBoom will host events for customers and supporters to donate their time and energy back as the next step of empowerment. Kieboom hopes this will create a big, powerful punch and change the way we shop — #powerfulshopping.

“Shopping doesn’t have to be a shallow thing,” says Kieboom. “There’s a shift right now with local shopping. A lot of people are more conscious of where they’re putting their money. I want people to know that when they shop on LocalBoom that they know their money is going towards positive things. ”

LocalBoom will also host a tab on the website where Canadian entrepreneurs who offer services, such as massage therapy, can advertise and raise social awareness.

Essentially, LocalBoom makes it easy to shop multiple local producers in one place and give back simultaneously.

Here are some of my favourite Canadian-made products you can find on LocalBoom:

I’m in love with these Vancouver, BC made bath bombs that soothe your skin with rose clay and moisturize it with cocoa butter. Watching the bath bombs effervesce and leave rose petals dancing along the waves of the water make bath time extra luxurious.

This skin oil is PACKED with powerful ingredients including evening primrose oil, white willow bark, aloe vera, spirulina, and vitamin E. Not only does it hydrate and feed your skin’s natural barrier, it helps to heal acne, eczema and many other inflammatory skin conditions. I put a tiny drop of this oil on a bright red pimple on my shoulder before bed and was shocked at how pink and less inflamed it was in the morning.

Perk up in the morning with this scrub made from ground Arabica coffee, demerara sugar, sea salt, coconut extract, and green tea extract. I loved the way it smoothed my skin without being too harsh and with the added coconut oil, I didn’t feel like I needed to moisturize after. Caffeine-fix and time-saver? I’m in.

Made in Grande Prairie, AB these multi-purpose cloths, made from recycled fleece, are super soft and removed all my make-up without any cleanser! I love that they are fast-drying and anti-bacterial — perfect for a face mask junkie like me.

This single-batch, hand-poured candle is a welcome companion to a chilly fall evening. Made from coconut and apricot wax, I adored the musky, warm scent as I relaxed while reading a book. The amber and smoke scent is accented by lemon, mandarin orange and a touch of lotus.

I’m a daily meditator and this spray has boosted my practice to the next level. It’s made with only five ingredients: Distilled Water, witch hazel, neroli essential oil, bergamot essential oil, mandarin essential oil, and its simplistic nature mimics a meditation’s peacefulness. I spritz it around the room before I meditate and breathe in the essential oils to calm and de-stress even more.

LocalBoom and I want you to get into the giving spirit by giving away a mini-spa package!

To enter to win BareSkin Bar Calming Rose Clay Bath Bombs, an Epic Blend Coconut Coffee Scrub, a Loa Skin Miracle Oil and a Five+Pines Multi-Purpose Cloth, head to @alushlifeblog on Instagram to enter!

Open to Canadian residents only, contest closes Oct. 2, 2017. Good luck!

PLUS! Use promo code ALUSHLIFE to receive a free gift and shipping at

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